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Career as a Lympahtic Decongestive Therapist


Ideal candidate would be experience or involvement in professional health care i.e. Massage Therapist, ND, Physical Therapists, Chiropractor, Chiropractor Assistant, RN, Home Health Nurse, Nursing Assistant, MD, DO, Colon Therapists, and even veterinarians (for use on animals). Competent and the willingness to learn subjects such as, Anatomy of the Lymphatic System, Physiology of the Lymphatic System, and the Pathology of the Lymphatic System.

Comprehensive Training for Lymphatic Decongestive Therapist

Training is offered in numerous locations around the country in addition to our new online virtual training portal and at our facility in Ringgold, GA (20 minutes from the Chattanooga, TN airport (CHA), and 2 hours from the Atlanta, GA airport ( ATL). You will find cost benefits when traveling to Trenton such as; inexpensive dinning options, hotel rates average $55.00 per night and direct flights into Atlanta and Chattanooga which are hubs for Delta, United and American airlines along with many of the discount airlines. Training fees for Level One are $700.00 per person with couples and group discounts are available. Our training programs are a compilation of over 500 working practitioners and WE TEACH YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BECOME A FAEMT-LDT. Besides the Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy training we also provide guidelines for the legal and administrative aspect of becoming a practitioner, draping techniques, how to promote your business, insurance requirements, plus we provide you all the forms and information for billing out to health care insurance companies as well*. As a FAEMT certified Lymphatic Decongestive Therapist you are providing your clients a highly beneficial therapy and you can expect them to recognize the benefits of this therapy right away.

Equipment Options and costs

For equipment ordering, contact Rightway Health and Wellness at 706-657-7879.



Lymph Drainage XP™ i

has all the features of the Lymph Drainage

our health care facility.



Prerequisites for a Lymphatic Decongestive  Therapist

Training for a Lymphatic Decongestive Therapist

Equipment Options and Cost for a Lymphatic Decongestive Therapist